Make a Plant Cell Cake

One day I was searching the internet for science project ideas for this year, and I came across this awesome plant cell cake at Ms. Helm’s Science Class. (There is also a pretty cool animal cell cake, but I don’t have the right pan for it, so I decided to stick with the plant cell).

Hmmm…. A delicious science project? Yes, I think I’ll choose that one. Besides, it eliminates the problem of what to do with the model when its completed. This time the kids did not complain at all when I suggested taking a picture and disposing of the project. In fact, they were begging me to dispose of it. ;)

Our cake isn’t quite as lovely as the one above, but I thought I’d take you through the process we used to make ours.

First (of course) we baked the cake. We chose chocolate because it is our favorite and just used a box mix. While the cake was in the oven, I made a batch of buttercream icing. (The recipe is here: Buttercream Icing)

While the cake was cooling, I divided the icing into 8 cups, one cup for each color I would need.

I added a tiny bit of coloring to each cup with a toothpick ( a little goes a long way) and let my boys stir them together. My 3-year-old loved this part. He felt so big being able to help.

We made cream, light green, dark green, blue, purple, yellow, pink, and attempted to make red (it really still looked pink).

When we were done mixing and our cake had cooled, we put the cake on a cake board, and cut it in the shape of a plant cell. We removed the leftovers and had a little snack (my boys’ favorite part).

Then, we proceeded to decorate:

Voila! A plant cell cake! Not quite as beautiful as the model I copied, but it still gave my boys an idea of the parts of a plant cell, and it was pretty yummy, too. :)

23 thoughts on “Make a Plant Cell Cake

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  3. hey thanks im in seventh grade and im going to do this idea for my eight grade project so thank a bunch it looks yummy

  4. Hi, is it possible you could tell me the size of the cake pan you use and did you divide the frosting equally into 8 cups. Thanks

    • Sure. I used an 8.5 x 11 inch pan, although a square pan might be better if you don’t want to cut as much off. I did not divide the frosting equally. I decided how much to put in each cup by looking at the area I would frost with that color.

  5. What ingredients do you need and what tools also.this is a great cake and I think it would be a great idea for my science assignment.also what is the method to making the cake.e.g full instructions. Thanks

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